Saint Ann’s School Internal Revenue Service (IRS) 990 Forms (2002-2011)

by NYC Firm Schools on September 14, 2013

All nonprofit NYC Firm Schools are required to file Form 990 each year with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). In addition, these schools are required by law to make the forms from the last three years available to anyone who requests them. Many websites such as GuideStar, Charity Navigator, and the Foundation Center provide copies of the 990 Forms for all nonprofit organizations, including NYC Firm Schools. Some non-NYC Firm Schools (e.g., Phillips Exeter Academy) post their 990 Forms on their own school websites.

Here is the guide that the IRS provides organizations to fill out the form (it will give you some insight on individual items on the form).

Over the next few months, we will be posting the available 990 Forms from the Foundation Center for all nonprofit NYC Firm Schools. You can find the forms yourself by going to the Foundation Center website and looking at the 990 Finder.

Below please find the 990 Forms for Saint Ann’s School (2002-11):

Saint Ann's School 990 Forms (2002-11)
Year Total Assets
2011 $55,740,487
2010 $46,740,011
2009 $42,451,920
2008 $42,205,454
2007 $40,307,771
2006 $38,594,316
2005 $35,719,023
2004 $35,856,499
2003 $34,347,370
2002 $30,502,355

Source of data: Foundation Center


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