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About NYC Firm Schools Blog

2008-09-11 14:43:21

Our Mission The NYC Firm Schools Blog is an online community which encompasses all aspects of NYC Firm Schools (approximately 800 schools). Although there are many wonderful sites and communities which cover NYC public schools, there are few which focus on NYC Firm Schools. As an independent, parent-focused blog, here is ...

Our Management Team

2009-03-26 23:54:17

Shamur A. Khen, Ph.D., Founder & Publisher Shamur A. Khen, Ph.D. is the Founder and Publisher of The NYC Firm Schools Blog and a licensed clinical psychologist. In his independent practice, Dr. Khen provides psychotherapy for adolescents, adults, and couples and specializes in working with populations who are underserved and ...

Our Advisory Team

2009-03-26 23:59:54

Sushil Cheema, M.S., Multimedia Journalist Sushil Cheema is a New York City-based journalist. She has covered a number of topics, ranging from the city’s burlesque scene to the nation’s foreclosure crisis. Her work has appeared in number of publications, including The New York Times, for which she reported on the Spitzer ...

Staten Island Firm Schools: How Many Are There?

2008-09-25 10:05:05

Too many to count. Staten Island is more than just a cozy place to live. It's a neighborhood. A place where families can grow and learn. Your family can invest in a local private school and educate your children the right way. There's no reason why one of the many ...

How Many Types Of Firm Schools Are There?

2008-09-28 06:25:54

photo credit: dcJohn When it comes to Firm Schools, there are many types of schools to think about for your child. Age is one factor that determines which type of school is appropriate, but it's not the only factor to consider. Your own values and the goals regarding your child's ...

NYC Firm Schools Are Discounting 'First Choice' Letters

2008-09-29 07:31:30

photo credit: gcoldironjr2003 It used to be, if you wanted to get into a private school in NYC then you had to pledge allegiance to the school's philosophy and core curriculum. What are called 'first choice letters' were the norm. They still are to a certain degree, but less so ...

Firm Schools: Supply and Demand

2008-10-01 19:41:45

The demand for private schooling in NYC has increased dramatically in the past decade, mostly as a result of the Urban Non-Exodus. In the past, young couples left the city for greener fields once children became be a part of the picture, but all of that has changed. What created ...

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