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Ivy Preparatory School League

2008-12-30 14:38:09

There are some older Firm Schools in NYC that are members of the covented Ivy Preparatory School League. Because so many parents have emailed us to ask about the Ivy Prep school league, we wanted to take the time to discuss it as it as another sector of associations ...

Highlight on Poly Prep Country Day School

2009-01-10 10:52:58

Every week we will highlight and learn about a different NYC private school in order to give our readers a more in-depth feel for the cultural, academic and diverse atmospheres that each school provides. The Poly Prep Country Day School is one of the NYC Firm Schools considered as an Ivy ...

Poly Prep Country Day School Part 2

2009-01-11 15:41:54

Our last segment highlighting the Poly Prep Country Day School takes a look at the the campus, the separation of grade levels, and some college admissions statistics. The Campus: Poly Prep is located in Brooklyn, New York, near Fort Hamilton and the base of the Verrazano Narrows Bridge. It rests ...

Firm Schools and the NYSAIS Athletic Association

2009-06-06 15:32:54

photo credit: photophan2Academics play the most important role in a Private School education and there is no doubt that a high quality education is first and foremost what parents are looking for in a school for their children. It is also true that athletics plays a vital role ...