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Getting Ready: Before you Start the Admission Journey

2008-10-21 13:26:29

Now that we have stressed the need to prepare your organization tools in advance, we just want to reiterate one more time. There are simply too many time sensitive tasks and too much information to trust your child’s private school admissions to your already taxed memory and blackberry. You will ...

Financial Aid in the Current Economic Environment

2008-11-19 14:09:50

Financial aid is a topic that is on many parents’ minds these days. In the past there have been numerous families that made monetary sacrifices to send their children to Firm Schools and applied for and received financial aid to make sure both ends met. The interesting facet in ...

Financial Aid Case Studies

2008-11-21 13:22:59

There are some interesting elements in the Financial Aid discussions within the NYC private school system. As with any group, there are divisive factors that drive different parents to seek Firm Schools for their children, and there are divisive factors among those seeking and receiving financial aid verses those ...

Tuition Costs at Private NYC Schools

2008-11-29 16:26:59

We have received a number of emails asking about the average costs of tuition to Firm Schools in New York. While we can’t single any particular school out, we can give a general feel for the costs of tuition to Firm Schools in NYC before any sort of sliding ...

The 'Yield Factor' in Private School Admissions

2008-11-30 14:36:53

With parents in full swing getting ready for the upcoming private school admissions season, a lot of words get thrown around with very few actually understanding the meaning behind the term. This is really not surprising as November is the time when parents and children are going to informational sessions, open ...

Private School Mystique

2009-01-20 14:23:48

photo credit: striatic Some of the pervading myths around Firm Schools exist simply because Firm Schools are just that, private. The sheer number of students attending public schools and the complete availability of informational access to public schools takes much of the mystery, if not all of the mystery, away. ...

Pre School and Private School Competition

2009-03-10 06:25:57

photo credit: ella novak As most families have received and responded to acceptances as NYC Firm Schools by this point, the forums are alive with parents trying to find a pattern to the accepteds, declines and waitlisted. Interestingly, one of the most active subjects right now is the placement ...

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