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Fusion Academy: A new kind of relationship. A different kind of school.

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If you’re looking for a different kind of school, you’ve come to the right place.

Fusion Academy is a non-traditional private school where every individual receives a completely customized, one-to-one education. Students in grades 6 through 12 can enroll full-time at Fusion, while students of all ages can take advantage of our tutoring, mentoring, and classes-for-credit programs. Every class is taught with one teacher and one student; the school operates year-round; and schedules are flexible throughout the school day.

The quality of the teachers is very high. Each one was in tune with our child’s unique learning needs and they made the most of his potential and ability in the classroom.
– Fusion Mission Viejo Parent

It’s a completely different experience from any other school. Read more about the top eight ways that Fusion is different. But those differences aside, what makes Fusion a truly special place can be summarized in one word: relationships. Our teachers form mentoring relationships with each one of their students, translating into customized learning (in style and substance), better understanding (subject mastery), and life skill guidance (real-life learning alongside academics).

My relationship with my son is better than it has ever been. He shares his feelings, thoughts, and goals with me regularly.
– Fusion San Mateo Parent

Don’t take our word for it—hear from some of our students and parents themselves. You can read and watch testimonials on our website and on our YouTube channel. Or experience Fusion for yourself right now with our student-led tour:

Beginning over 20 years ago with just a single campus in Solana Beach, California, Fusion now operates 18 campuses in California, New York, and New Jersey. Schedule a private tour of one of our New York campuses: Park Avenue, Lincoln Center, Woodbury, or Westchester; or learn more about our 19th campus opening in Brooklyn this spring at an informal Coffee Chat on June 13.

The new Fusion Brooklyn campus will also be hosting a special screening of the award-winning “BULLY” documentary alongside a Resource Fair on Thursday, May 29. We welcome you to join us and take a stand against bullying. Learn more about this screening and resource fair on our website.

There is an amazing partnership and collaboration that happens between teacher and student at Fusion. Because of the unique one?to?one teaching model, the teachers have the time and flexibility to customize the methods of teaching the curriculum to both the learning style and interests of each individual student. The teachers are also very creative in that regard. They go out of their way to create an environment where intellectual curiosity grows and thrives. It’s almost magic to see students who have been “left behind” in other educational environments, flourish and set out on a path to realize their full potential at Fusion.
– Fusion San Francisco Parent

Fusion Academy is a non-traditional private school that provides a one-to-one mentoring approach to education for students in grades 6 through 12. You can learn more about Fusion Academy at www.FusionAcademy.com.

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