New Hobbies Help a Student Get His Life Back on Track: Controlling the Fire

by NYC Firm Schools Blog AdConnect on August 17, 2012

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As our campus grows, I am fortunate to welcome new students to our Fusion family quite often. Some of them I have gotten to know quite well and others I know little past their name. One student in particular intrigued me. I saw him most every day this last semester and we would exchange brief greetings or farewells, but our conversations never went passed that point. I’d see him in the parking lot with his bicycle, engaging with teachers behind the glass doors in his one-to-one classes, or studying in the homework café with a look of determination on his face. As I was thinking about what to write today, I thought about Sean and how I’d love to learn his story. I asked him for an interview and we began fifteen minutes later.

During junior high, Sean started experimenting with drugs. As he transitioned into high school he continued along this path and had peers that influenced this lifestyle. “I got to the point where I was physically present but not mentally present,” he shares. Soon he was heading toward being expelled from his school and that’s when his parents moved him to a boarding school in Northern California.

Sean was resistant to leave the environment he was comfortable with and the habits that soothed him. After some time he began to warm up to his new school. They had a fire technology program that piqued his interest. Once he found this passion, he “sobered up and got his act together.” He was beginning to feel motivated and set a goal for himself to become a wildland fire fighter. Shortly after he found this new determination, he learned that the boarding school was shutting down.

At first he was pretty upset, but he pulled himself together and realized he had to think of his next step. One of the administrators at the boarding school mentioned Fusion Academy to his mom. “I realized I had to keep an open mind,” Sean reflected. He made his move back down to Southern California and launched into Fusion’s alternative style. When asked what he thinks of his new school, he replied, “I like the personalized teaching here.”

Sean is now a high school senior. He has recently researched over sixty colleges that offer fire technology programs and has narrowed it down to thirty that offer both wildland and structural instruction. As he reflects on his journey he says, “It’s pretty amazing I made it this far and I’m feeling really good.” I’m proud to have Sean at our school and I know he will control flames that get too big and keep his dream burning bright.

Fusion Academy is now open in Woodbury, Long Island, is opening in midtown Manhattan in September, and will launch a Westchester location in the winter of 2013. For more information go to:

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Angela Jordan September 4, 2012 at 9:43 am

What a great story and a victory for both you and the student! Best of luck to him. What a difference finding your passion and being in the right environment can make in your education!


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