NewGrass® Takes Being Green to a New Level

by NYC Firm Schools Blog AdConnect on November 30, 2012

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New GrassNewGrass® stands alone in the synthetic grass industry in its combination of pricing, quality, service and commitment to being 100% eco-friendly. If you’re considering an artificial lawn application, NewGrass® will save time and money today and in the long run … in addition to aiding water conservation, reducing the use of pesticides and helping create a healthier environment.

NewGrass® is a popular choice for outdoor spaces where children play because it’s eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials, helping to conserve water and eliminate fertilizer and pesticides, therefore avoiding chemical exposure for kids. The eco-friendly synthetic grass is often used in parks, schools, backyards and playgrounds, and earlier in 2011, NewGrass® was selected by the NFL and Gatorade for the Super Bowl NFL Junior Training Camp.

As a synthetic turf, NewGrass® can be installed permanently or can be installed temporarily for multipurpose areas. In a recent installation in Vail Colorado, an area used as an ice skating rink in the winter was converted to NewGrass® for other uses in the summer.

NewGrass® is dedicated to being 100% eco-friendly – made with renewable and recycled resources, and totally recyclable. The EnviroCel backing on NewGrass® replaces over 90 percent of the petroleum-based polymers found on previous generations with bio-based compounds that are derived from domestically-grown soybeans. On the ground, the backing offers greatly improved drainage, resulting in longer product lifespan. It also means faster and more consistent drainage, which is better for the aggregate base underneath a NewGrass® installation, as well as for the surrounding landscaping. The backing of NewGrass® also incorporates post-consumer PET plastic from soft drink and water bottles. That makes it – and the entire product – 100 percent recyclable.

NewGrass® believes that being environmentally conscious means more than conserving water. It means being 100 percent eco-friendly … in their products and in their corporate responsibilities. That commitment is one reason NewGrass® was accepted as an Ally in the EPA GreenScapes Program. And NewGrass® maintains a Carbon-Offset Pledge.

For every square foot of NewGrass® installed, the folks at NewGrass make a donation to the Foundation, doing their part to contribute to the fight against climate change. These contributions further support their commitment to a safer, greener environment and the reduction of harmful carbon dioxide emissions. The donations to help climate change education, carbon offsets and reductions, and public outreach. They also help NewGrass® reduce its carbon footprint.

This post is from NewGrass®. NewGrass® is the waterless grass of choice of many designers and installers of backyard play areas. Key reasons are that it is lead-safe, provides safety under play sets, and is superior to traditional natural products – include grass, sand and wood chips – as as a ground cover under playground equipment.

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