Accepted to NYC Private School, Now What?

by NYC Firm Schools on March 17, 2010

As a NYC Private School Parent, or a hopeful Private School Parent, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and anxiety. Not knowing if your child was accepted to a certain school, waiting for the mail to come in, tracking others’ acceptance letters through a network of parents in chat groups and online associations, all of these moments come to your own mailbox in March.

By now, you know if your child has been accepted to the NYC Firm Schools for which you applied. Whether your child was young and waiting for the very first Pre-K or Kindergarten program acceptance, or if your older child was waiting for acceptance to a High School program, the answers are in. This moment actually leaves most parents in a sort of quandary of what to do next?

Accepted, Now What?

  1. After your child has received their acceptance letter, the Private School will give you a deadline date by which you must respond. You will need to respond with either an acceptance or a refusal of their admission. For those parents with children who applied to and were accepted by multiples schools, this will be decision time! For those who received an acceptance to the one school they wished for, the response is an easy one.
  2. When you send back your formal acceptance, you will need to send the acceptance forms in together with a payment or a deposit for next year’s tuition. For many Firm Schools, this is usually 10% of the fee charged for tuition. As an example, if next year’s tuition is $24,000, you will need to return the acceptance forms with a payment of $2,400.
  3. Remember that you have a limited window of time to send an acceptance letter back to the school. If you do not reply within the deadline time, your child’s spot will almost certainly be given to a child who was waitlisted.

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