Check on Those Referral Letters

by NYC Firm Schools on December 30, 2009

As the NYC Private School Admissions seasons is coming to a rather dramatic head, many parents are creating mental checklists of the items they need to finish up in order to have a clear and complete application.

Because many students have their applications completed with the addition of a referral letter or two, finding out if the referral letters are actually written and sent in should be a priority.

Referral letters are important elements of a NYC Private School admissions folder because they often serve as character studies to help admissions officers gain a better snapshot of the child. These letters are often provided by the child’s current teachers, who are involved in core courses such as math and English and possibly another relevant part of the child’s life.

This is the best time to follow up with those individuals that you and your child have asked to prepare recommendations and referral letters. Find out if they have finished and submitted the recommendation to the schools. If they have, remember to thank them both verbally and in writing. If they have not completed the task, offer to provide additional information or assistance if a letter of referral or recommendation is going to be late, remember to call the school to let them know that there may be a delay with a particular part of your child’s application.

Keep in mind that those people from whom you have requested referral or recommendation letters are, in fact, busy individuals. They may have other letters to write and busy times in their own lives. Thank them sincerely for helping your child and offer whatever assistance you can.

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