Choices in Private School Admission

by NYC Firm Schools on March 2, 2010

Having options is a basic factor in our society and having and selecting between your NYC Private School options is important even down to the very last minute of your decision. If your child has received an acceptance from their Top Choice school then there probably isn’t too much of a decision left. If, however, your child has received admissions to two schools then you have a few more choices to make before taking that final step.

Multi-School Options

There are some ways to help you make your decision regarding which school to pick.

  1. Visit the school again to help your child (and you!) get a more official feel for what it would be like there.
  2. Consider tuition costs, additional fees for sports, afterschool programs or expected donations.
  3. Look at the transportation to and from the school and how much time your child may spend “in transit” rather than in school or at home. You may be surprised at how often this is a deal breaker for some families!
  4. If you have experienced a change in your Financial Status since you first applied, or expect to experience one soon due to unstable job markets, don’t hesitate to talk to your school counselor about the possibility of Financial Aid.

When the worlds of choices are opened up, they can often seem to multiply again and again until it is difficult to choose at all. Take our advice and break down the aspects of choice that matter to you and then compare.

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