Costly School Tour Mistakes

by NYC Firm Schools on August 4, 2009

Private School interviews and admissions are nerve-wracking for many parents and students, but the school tour is the place where a lot of families make some critical mistakes.

Here are some of the simple but costly mistakes made during a scheduled school tour:

You’re Late!

No matter how unlikely it may seem to you now, no matter how incredulous, trust us, it does happen, and it is not viewed favorably. With all of the important issues you’ll be facing at the time and the sheer stress involved, letting the ticking clock fade into the background is easier than you think. Set an alarm to get you up that morning. Don’t be afraid to set two alarms. Then, set one more to sound when you have to be out of the house to get to the interview.

Eat A Meal!

Do not forget to have you and your child eat a good meal before the school tour. Children, even the older ones, can be sidelined and distracted by the gnawing insistence of a hungry belly during a tour and be tempted to rush the entire thing just to answer the call of food. For parents, the loud and angry growl of a churning stomach can make for some interesting acoustics during the tour and make the whole process embarrassing and distracted.

Dress Neatly, Its not a Fashion Show!

Dressing comfortably and stylishly is one thing, but creating your own fashion show is simply out of place during a school tour. Remember to be yourself, just neater.

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