Creating the Atmosphere for Private School Essays

by NYC Firm Schools on August 15, 2009

If you and your child have been out enjoying everything that August in NYC can give you then you should be rested and ready for the upcoming Private School admissions process. Your child will be able to use what he or she has learned during their summer and use it for the literary and formulative base of their private school essays within the admissions application.

NYC offers some of the most culturally diverse environments in the world, and the educative and life changing interactions available to your child should be discussed and looked over during the summer months in order to take those elements that will be useful for an admissions essay.

More children than not agonize to find the right words and the right topics to use for their entrance essays for Firm Schools. What do I write about, How much do they want to know, What do I really know, are all common concerns and questions that pop during the essay writing experience.

The problem, most often, is when a child sits down to write their essay with only a vague and often parent-supplied idea of what to write. With any original thoughts lost in the ether of writer’s block and the parental ideal of “self” often being far, far from the actual truth, the essay writing process becomes a torture.

In order to circumvent that entire horrific time, simply supply your child with the right intellectual tools during the summer and fall months in order to kick start their larger-conceptual perception of the world around them. Prompting your child’s intellectual connective process isn’t supplying them with your thoughts or ideas. It is a matter of asking the right questions, during the actual events, to help those memories become a part of a larger experience from which your child can draw from later on while writing.

Ask your child questions.

  • How did he or she feel about the experience?
  • Who did he or she meet?
  • How were they different?
  • How were they the same?
  • What else did the experience remind them of?
  • How did he or she think the other person felt about the experience?

Ask your child questions to them to talk about the events and the world around them and then remind them, casually, that this type of thing may be a great experience for their admissions essay for Private School. Let them decide if or how to use it.

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