December NYC Firm Schools Admissions

by NYC Firm Schools on December 5, 2009

December is a whirlwind month in the Private School Admissions process! Many families choose the words hectic, chaotic and stressful to describe December, and that’s before they even think of the Holidays. December is the time when you and your child are heavily invested in the process of choosing the right schools, and the admissions testing deadlines are fast approaching. It’s all coming together with bows on top.

December is the time to finally narrow down your child’s choices and settle on your first choice, second choice and possibly third choice schools. Remember that tier doesn’t necessarily translate to choice, so top tier can be 3rd choice, depending on how the school matched up to your child. As a parent this is also the time that you need to pay very close attention to what your child is saying about the schools he or she has visited. Your child‘s preferred school is vital to their happiness and success and may be the insight that you have been looking for.

Choosing your top three schools lets you have a realistic plan for your child’s education.

For the many children who will be preparing for admissions testing this month, the added pressure is also difficult. Make sure your child has enough rest the night before a test and discourage the popular “all nighter” cramming session. A tired mind cannot function well during extended testing times.

December is very busy in the NYC Private School admissions timeline, so get your rest, make sure your child gets his rest and be prepared to make some decisions.

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