Financial Aid By the Numbers

by NYC Firm Schools on March 31, 2010

Paying for your child’s New York City Private School is a source of great apprehension for a number of families. Over and over it is stressed that the best private school for a student is the one that matches their personality, philosophy of learning, academic abilities and future goals. The right school is not, however, always in concert with the family’s annual income and ability to afford tuition.

This is where Financial Aid and Grants come into play.

The first point of contact is the School and Student Services , or SSS, which is a comprehensive financial aid management service that serves schools and families.

The SSS requires that you submit a Parent’s Financial Statement. The PFS is the standard form used through the SSS and submitted to all schools that your child applies to. The PFS keeps you from having to fill out a lot of the same information for each school.

After receipt, the SSS analyzes the information on the PFS to estimate the amount of your family’s reasonable contribution to your child’s educational expenses and that information is then sent to the schools that you indicated on the PFS.

Because a mistake on the PFS form could cost your child the correct Financial Aid to every school he or she is applying to, please remember to carefully consider the information requested and make sure it is correct. If you have any questions or concerns, ask someone to help you fill the forms out.

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