Getting Your Private School Admissions Materials

by NYC Firm Schools on July 25, 2009

Mid summer to early fall is the busy time in the application process for NYC Firm Schools. It is generally in August through late October that schools request applications be sent in for the following school year. Some schools do have rolling admissions, but it is really best to find out the deadline for applications, individually, from every school you are interested in for your child. Submitting your child’s application past the deadline is never a good thing and should be avoided at all possible costs. Remember, you want to ensure that you leave enough time between your request and the actual receipt of the application package. You will need to review the application as well as complete it, and then leave time to tour the school before making your final choices.

Many parents are understandably nervous about their first contact with a school and so they hesitate to call an administrator for application paperwork. While many schools accept applications over the internet, to the great relief of most parents, some schools will still have to be contacted the old fashion way, over the phone.

Private School Application Request

Most applications are submitted early in the fall of the year preceding enrollment. It is common for some schools to distribute an unlimited number of applications but keep in mind that a few others have a ‘limited time offer’ policy and only distribute a certain amount. The lesson to be taken here is to request an application early in the process time, if possible.

If you have to call the school admissions office for materials, don’t worry and don’t hesitate. A simple, polite conversation requesting admissions materials for the private school is all that is needed.

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