Legacy Discussions Continue

by NYC Firm Schools on January 13, 2010

At a popular NYC spot, a group of parents had gathered for some good food, good drinks a little grown up time. Because all four sets of parents have young children, however, the topic eventually turned to NYC Firm Schools. Because two of the parents in the group had themselves graduated from NYC Firm Schools, the topic inevitably turned towards discussing the Legacy factor for admissions.

Admissions to top NYC Firm Schools is competitive and there are thousands of children competing for just hundreds of spots in some cases. Any advantage, real, imagined or simply hoped for, is generally researched and appealed to.

Whenever the subject of Legacies come up, the variety of responses usually fall into one of the three categories.

  1. Those who went to a New York City private school and will happily accept Legacy status for their children
  2. Those who did not go to a private school and think that Legacy status is unfair if it will put their child at a disadvantage
  3. Those who have Legacy status but instead hope for their child to be accepted to a different school without the Legacy status affecting them negatively.

Not all parents who graduated from a Private School choose to send their children to that same school, and this is where Legacy status can actually be a negative. Other schools may assume that, since the child had status at another school, the parents would make that their First Choice. The child’s application may be passed over because the second school assumed they are the “runner up” choice to the Legacy school. If you are truly interested in a particular school for your child and it is not your alma mater then be honest with the admissions officer and tell them.

A high proportion of parents who have children applying to Firm Schools have attended only public schools themselves, but are trying to gain a better education for their children by having them attend Firm Schools.

Legacy status, as with all aspects of a NYC Private School admissions process, can be complicated. Honesty, hard work and organization are the things that are going to put your child ahead.

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