New York Firm Schools’ Busy Season

by NYC Firm Schools on October 26, 2009

October is a maelstrom month in the New York Private School world. The lazy days of summer are far gone, along with the more relaxed knowledge that the private school admissions process is ahead of you. It’s not. It’s here, and you and your child are in the excited thick of it.

By the end of October you should have already requested the admissions materials and scheduled a school tour at those facilities that allow it before an application submission.

Because late October is right in the middle of the Private School admissions process, some people are ahead of schedule and some are behind, but there are some general times and guides that should be done this month:

  • Submit your child’s applications for those schools that you and your child feel best meet your educational and personal needs.
  • Attend the School Open Houses. Some are open to everyone, some only to those who have called ahead and made a reservation. If a reservation is required, do not hesitate to make one.
  • Schedule school tours and the Parent/Child Interviews with the school. These are important factors in the admissions process. Even though these often cause the most stress, do not wait to schedule these. Time flies by and before you know it, the time for tours and interviews will be past.
  • Schedule all required testing. Testing scores have to be received by the schools in order for them to make an accurate assessment of your child’s academic abilities to date. Make sure you have testing scheduled ahead of time so that your child has time to prepare. Rushing them in a panic to last minute tests will not help.

October is a busy month in the New York Firm Schools admissions season, so enjoy the crisp, cool air and let it reinvigorate your dedication to the process.

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