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NYC Private School Recommendation Letters

A reference letter may be requested by a school because they wish to get a sense of who your child is as a student and an individual. A reference letter should not be considered an open invitation to name drop.

For older children, a reference letter is often requested by admissions professionals who are looking for more in-depth information from teachers who are involved in core courses, such as math and English, and possibly from one other person.

For ISAAGNY schools, the following information is recommended:

How important are letters of recommendation?
Some schools request letters of recommendation as part of the admissions process, others do
not. When a school requests letters, they should be written by someone who knows you and
your child well. If letters are not requested, you may have them sent but understand they are
not part of the admissions process for that school. If the school indicates that they do not want
letters sent then parents should comply. Multiple uninvited letters of recommendation do not provide any advantage in the application process.

Is it important for someone connected to the school write on behalf of my child?
It is not necessary to know someone connected to the school for your child to be admitted. If
you choose to ask someone related to the school to write on behalf of your child, that person
should know your family and/or child well.

It is important to reiterate that you should only choose references from people who actually know your child. Try to get references from current-year teachers and always send the exact number of recommendations the school asks for — no more and no less.

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