NYC Private School Responses Coming In

by NYC Firm Schools on March 1, 2010

The end of February is a time when the cyclical nature of NYC Private School Admissions gives this year’s applicants an answer to questions and applications that have been a family-wide focus for months. Many Firm Schools have contacted their applicants and either offered them a seat, declined to accept them, or offered a spot on the waitlist. While acceptance or a decline letter offer a concrete conclusion, the wait listing part of the scenario seems a little cruel to some, expanding their wait past the time they hoped it would be over.

Why You Should Apply To Numerous Firm Schools

There are many good reasons to apply to numerous Firm Schools schools as long as each is a good match to your child’s emotional and academic needs. The most obvious reason for that practice should now be visually apparent. Not every school is going to accept your child and it is vital to have options.

The time to celebrate you child’s achievement is coming soon, but don’t respond to the first application you receive just yet. Wait until you have received responses back from at least the top two or three that you have been waiting for and then make an educated decision about what school you will prefer your child attend.

Until then, you breathe a sigh of relief that the hardest part is over and your child has a place in the NYC Private School world.

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