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NYC Private School Waitlisted But Moving

Many schools have unofficially closed out their waitlists, telling parents who call that the upcoming admissions are now complete and no more acceptances will be made. Other schools still have their waitlists open. There seems to have been less movement off the waitlists than there has been in previous years but there are still options and choices for many parents, even well past the usual timeline that is expected.

Waiting Against the Odds

There are many instances where a family has received an unexpected call very late to tell them that their child has been accepted to the NYC Private School of choice. In one case last year, the parent was called exactly 1 week before school was set to begin.

If your child was not accepted to any of the Firm Schools that you applied to, you do have options. You can (and should) stay on available waitlists and contact the schools to talk to them about your desire to have your child attend.

Moving On, Not Changing Course

Another option that is not as widely discussed is the age-old custom of try, try, try again. Though less publicized, many parents with children who were not accepted into a Private School waited, enrolled their child in public and then reapplied with renewed dedication the next year. Some children simply need another year to mature into them before schools are ready to look at them with fresh eyes and decide if they are a good match. Some children are accepted into 1st grade Private School programs after attending public for Kindergarten.

The right education for your child is your first priority. If you believe that education should include a particular private school then remember that you do have options, and applying for first grade may be one those options.

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