Open House, Best Foot Forward

by NYC Firm Schools on October 18, 2009

The admissions season is in full swing as parents and older students are visiting schools, scheduling interviews and requesting admissions paperwork. One of the most exciting times during the admissions process is the School Open House. Sometimes called “Visitor’s Day,” and always a structured carefully, this day gives the best foot forward approach an entirely new meaning. Remember, just because a school is highly competitive it doesn’t mean that don’t care about what everyone thinks of them. Even the most selective schools want to keep their good reputation, and they do that by making sure they look absolutely perfect.

Open house and Visitor’s Day activities showcase an array of achievements and perfections. From artwork to choral signing to science projects with breathless parent standing by to answer your questions, a school always looks perfect on that day. The real school, however, may be quite a bit different.

Don’t make your school selection based on your heady feelings walking away from an Open House. Talk with other parents, outside of school tours, open houses and school events. Ask questions about the school without the other families being predisposed to giving you ‘coached’ answers, which is a possibility during a school event. Few parents will offer up a negative opinion about a school if they are currently standing 10 feet away from a teacher or school staff.

You want to make sure your child is attending the right school, so make sure you know what the real school is like.

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