Parent Questionnaire Adjustment Time

by NYC Firm Schools on December 17, 2009

Mid December is the perfect time to take another shot at your Parent Questionnaire and adjust any areas that you may not feel completely comfortable with. The Parent Questionnaire, also called the Parent Statement, is a section of short questions for a parent to answer in reference to their child. Many parents endlessly worry about their answers because there just are not right or wrong answers to use as a guide. The questions are open and the answers depend on your child and your observations of your child, as well as your family’s thoughts and philosophy on education.

The Parent Questionnaire is used by schools as a tool to find out more about your child and your family. Students are not admitted to Firm Schools simply due to the right transcripts and test scores. If it were that easy then there would never be a need for interviews, essays, and discussions. Your child is admitted to private school based upon a combination of all of those factors, both quantifiable and not.

Examples of Parent Questionnaires
• What are your child’s strengths and weaknesses?
• What are your educational goals for your child?
• What are your child’s favorite activities?
• Is the entire family involved in these activities?
• What is your primary reason for considering (XYZ) school for your child?
• What are the names and ages of any siblings, and what schools are they attending now?
• What level of involvement do you plan on having in your child’s education?

Take a few moments while you have the time and go over your answers on the Parent Questionnaire and think about anything that you would like to change.

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