Playing Hooky for School Interviews

by NYC Firm Schools on September 4, 2009

Taking your child out of day care or preschool for doctor’s appointments and other “normal business hours” type of activity is something that happens to every family. After all, you occasionally need to take time off of work or hire a babysitter to take over your parenting duties when you have an event scheduled, so it should be no surprise that the same thing happens for kids. Why, then, are some parents hesitant to discussing taking their child out of day care or pre-school for private school interviews or play dates?

One parent approached her friends for advice to say

I don’t know what to say to Cole’s teacher. She’s so nice and we love the program, but we’re applying to private school and I need to take Cole out a few times for interviews and the play dates. I feel like I’m telling them that they’re just a glorified baby sitter and, thanks, but I’ll be taking him elsewhere for Kindergarten! I’m just uncomfortable with the whole situation.”

The truth is that every pre-school teacher is going to have to help you fill out some of your child’s admissions paperwork anyway, so they will definitely know you are applying to Private Kindergarten. Your child’s pre-school teacher is a partner in their education and should be looking into the best educational interests of your child, just as you are.

Your child’s preschool or daycare teacher will understand and in almost all cases fully support your child’s application and acceptance into a Private School.

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