Pre-School Prep from the Start

by NYC Firm Schools on July 17, 2009

When people think of the frantic effort involved in getting a child into a great NYC Prep School, they are usually thinking of a high school that requires incredible test scores and a flawless academic ranking. Unless you are a NYC parent, that is. For parents with small children in New York, the fight for school placement begins much, much earlier.

Pre-school children don’t have the ability or the knowledge to sit through extended testing scenarios and, besides macaroni art, they tend to have a rather small portfolio of scholastic accomplishments. There are, however, many other ways to ascertain the abilities and current state of pre-schooler’s potential success in a school, and NYC private preschools and elementary schools have it down to a science.

In addition to the ERB tests for young children, there are parent/school interviews, observational interviews with young children and recommendations as well as applications that should expound upon your young genius’ abilities. The scramble for the right education for the right student begins at the very beginning.

Some people laughingly say that you need to set up your child’s pre-school interviews at around the same time as your due-date. While that’s an extreme, the basis of the intent is true. Start preparing your child and your family by looking into preschools that fit your family’s philosophies, as well as geographical and financial needs as soon as you can to help ensure that you will be interviewing and courting the right schools from the start.

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