Private School Admissions Checklist

by NYC Firm Schools on October 5, 2009

Many parents of children applying to NYC Firm Schools find themselves adrift in an endless sea of information and paperwork. It doesn’t take long before applications and appointments start to meld together into one very long process. The hard part of the October Private School season is actually keeping track of the right information from the right schools.

The best way to keep track of each school, where you are in the admissions process, and what is happening next is by using a simple spreadsheet. All of the most important, fact-based information available for your top school choices will be ready at your fingertips if you just take a little time to stay organized at the beginning.

No matter how much a specific school has your eye, chances are that in the process, you’ll forget who you send applications to, when the open house is or who needs what reference letter.

Private School Checklist

Here are some simple items to keep on a Master checklist for your child’s Private School applications:

  1. School Name, Admissions Contact, Phone Number
  2. Request Admissions Materials
  3. Submit Application
  4. Schedule Appointment. and Testing
  5. Tour
  6. Child Tour
  7. Tests
  8. Application Status
  9. Decision and Reply Letter
  10. Notes

Items such as the application submissions and requested materials are simple “yes” or “no” items, but those for tours and testing should have dates and times included with them. It is also a good idea to keep a separate folder for each individual school that you can reference for more in-depth information.

Admissions season to NYC Firm Schools is a busy time of year, but a quick checklist will keep you organized.

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