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by NYC Firm Schools on August 24, 2009

By late summer most parents have an impressive list of potential NYC Firm Schools for their children. The problem is then whittling down that list to a select few and actually helping your child apply. For younger children entering into Pre-K and Kindergarten, the decision of which schools fit best is solely up to the parents, whereas for older children it is much more of a joint decision in which they play a major role, especially in the higher grade levels.

When narrowing down your list of potential Firm Schools, you should keep in mind that the Brand Name factor shouldn’t be at the top of your list of reasons to have your child attend. There are many, many more important factors that come into play when choosing the right school

Narrowing the List of Firm Schools

What is the School Philosophy?
Understanding what drives a school and it’s administration is a key indicator to the environment that your child will be in. A school that is rich in community activism and innovative, individualized learning programs will be a much different experience than a school with a strict traditional learning program and little outside-school-grounds interference.

Once school might say that they mold students while another claims to help them develop. These are two different approaches to the essentially same end-goal.

Who are the Faculty and School Head?
A school’s philosophy is just words on a page unless the School Head and the faculty aren’t dedicated to that philosophy. Find out who the faculty is, their background and strengths and their view of education. How much experience they have, and very importantly, what drives them in the educational field.

Choosing the right NYC Firm Schools for your child is easy if you narrow the list of potentials down first.

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