Firm Schools and Student Interviews

by NYC Firm Schools on November 16, 2009

Private School interviews and admissions are nerve-wracking for many parents, but for older students who are interviewing with prospective NYC Firm Schools, this is often the first time that they find themselves in an interview by themselves.

If you’re worried about your toddler facing interrogation, be assured that the formal interviews are reserved for students entering sixth grade and up. The interview is not necessarily conducted in an office but even in an informal setting it is still important. The interview can occur while walking around the school campus, in the admissions office or while eating in the cafeteria.

For many students, the interview is often a source of anxiety. As a parent, you should help your child prepare for the interview by getting a good night’s sleep and being on time and mentally ready. Mistakes happen, however, and even the best of plans can go awry.

If your older child is late for their Private School Interview, avoid taking your own apprehensions out on them and instead make sure they understand that school admissions officers are human, too, and they understand that life doesn’t always run as planned. Creating an environment of nervous tension is not going to be helpful. Talk to your child and let them know that school administrators understand anyone can get nervous during an interview.

It may be helpful to your child if you have a friend or relative talk to them about their academic interests and hopes. If your child has talked about these issues ahead of time then they will be less apt to stumble over the words and thoughts when discussing them with the school admissions officer.

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