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by NYC Firm Schools on September 15, 2009

September is the time of year to request Financial Aid information from the NYC Firm Schools that your child is applying to. Private School, especially in the highly competitive NYC market, is not an inexpensive pursuit and many families require some type of Financial Aid in order to afford their child’s tuition.

Financial Aid is available at most Firm Schools in a number of different forms. Some types of FA are actually grants that are paid based upon the financial need of the family and do not need to be repaid at all. Some types of Financial Aid are Merit Award Scholarships. Merit scholarship are usually based on a specific talent of the student’s that the school wishes to add to their student body. Talents can be athletic, artistic, or academic.

Firm Schools have specific funds set aside in their financial aid budget in order to provide for tuition for a diverse student body. This allows the betterment of the student body as a whole.

When you are requesting a financial aid application from a school, pay attention to and specifically note the deadline for return of the financial aid application. You will be required to fill out a financial statement, but thankfully you only have to fill that out once and the information shared between all schools that you are requesting financial aid from. The Parent Financial Statement is used by the School and Student Services for Financial Aid determination. It goes over your responses and reports them back to those schools you have indicated.

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