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Rolling Admissions to NYC Firm Schools

The NYC Private School Admissions season is hectic and hurried, for sure, but not all schools have a strict deadline. Rolling admissions are possible and are offered for some NYC Firm Schools.

Rolling admissions is an admissions process that does not use fixed deadlines or uses a window of admissions, which stays open until all slots are filled for the upcoming academic year. For most of the schools with a rolling admission date the window offered stays open until all seats are filled.

There are various reasons for schools who offer a rolling admissions policy. One reason for a school to offer such a policy is to fulfill their need for a diverse student body during the first few years of operation. Also, some schools will make exceptions to this rule in the case of exceptional students who match the school philosophy and mission. This is especially important for those students who are transferring from other schools and areas and are in need of a new seat in the middle of a school year.

Here are some schools that use a Rolling Admissions timeline:
Islamic Leadership School
Cooke Center School
Ecole Internationale de New York

One factor to keep in mind when applying for a rolling admission is that there can be a disadvantage when applying for financial aid late in the admissions season. If there is a set pool of money available for financial aid then it is possible that there will be less available later in the season.

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