Rolling Admissions to NYC Firm Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on September 23, 2009

During the Autumn admissions times for NYC Firm Schools, many parents and students are hard at work researching schools, filling out admissions forms and tackling important issues such as Financial Aid and student essays. Not all students are entering into new schools in the fall, however, and not every school opens its doors to prospective students in that narrow timeframe, either.

Rolling admissions is a practice that many Firm Schools allow in order to provide admittance to students during off-calendar times. If a school allows for Rolling admissions, it essentially means that the specific school has not fixed admissions deadlines. This doesn’t mean that there isn’t a preferred or primary window for admissions. However, it does mean that, instead of having a set deadline of January 21st, for instance, the school will have an admissions window period of many months and continue to remain open until all of the spots are filled.

Obviously this type of admissions means that you and your child have a better chance of admittance should you apply as soon as possible, while there are spots open.

Rolling admissions offers parents and students a more relaxed application timeline than do schools who provide a small window and a large application package. This is also advantageous if you are nervous about getting recommendation letters and essays turned in.

The rolling admissions process is often a saving grace for transfer students from other areas who were not warned they would have to apply to new schools mid-way through the application season.

Rolling admissions to NYC Firm Schools offers another alternative to the application race.

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