School Admissions Always Complicated

by NYC Firm Schools on March 27, 2010

When NYC Private School parents discuss the trials and tribulations of the Firm Schools admissions process and the mystery that surrounds actual acceptance, denial or wait listing, it is often with the assumption that they are going through a unique process. The truth is that many Public School parents and students go through the same mysterious process that includes applying for and acceptance to the right school.

NYC Public School students, like most students in large city schools system, must apply to their first choice schools, especially at the High School level. Not every student is accepted into their chosen High School, and few decisions have anything to do with immediate locality.

As Private School families worried and anxiously awaited their child’s admissions results, public school families have been going through the same uncertainty and worry. In a March 24th letter from NYC Education chancellor Joel Klein, there were no answers to immediate questions:

Dear Parent/Guardian,
I know you were expecting to receive your child’s high school match today. However, due to an ongoing
lawsuit that affects the high school admissions process, we can’t yet send home matches as previously
planned. I understand you are anxious to receive this information, and rest assured, the Department of
Education is doing everything possible to make the matches available soon. We will update you as soon
as we know more. Thank you for your patience—we truly regret the delay.
Joel I. Klein

The letter was translated into several languages and sent home with 8th grade students in NYC Public Schools.

Families with children in both Firm Schools and Public Schools can agree on the fact that waiting to hear of your child’s acceptance into a chosen school is difficult and conflicting, no matter where or what that school may be.

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