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Sensible NYC Private School Thank You Notes

Thank You notes are a major source of parental anxiety when applying to NYC Firm Schools. Generally, good manners dictates that a thank you note be sent to acknowledge a gift or service. Smart manners dictate that a Thank You note be sent if you want someone to know how much you appreciated a gift or service, and you want your name to stand out and be remembered.

A Thank You note is appropriate for Private School admission after you, as a parent or family, have toured, visited or interviewed with private school. Sending a Thank You note after each experience is debatable as to merit. It may keep your name on the appreciative list, or it may put your name on the annoying list. Only you can decide which it may be and if it is worth the risk.

Thank You Notes to Firm Schools:
There are many schools of thought as to which type of Thank You note is the best.

  • Handwritten notes
  • Typed notes
  • High quality card stock
  • Professional stationary
  • Recycled paper with organic ink
  • Professionally printed
  • Typed and printed from a high quality printer at home

For all of the debatable merits of each type of Thank You note, it should be clear that the content of the note is appropriate, personal and memorable. A handwritten note is lovely if you have lovely handwriting. For most of us, a typed and scripted note will have to do. Good quality cardstock over lightweight copy paper is always a must, but professional engraving vs. personalized does not make a lot of difference.

Make your Thank You notes memorable and personal and your NYC Private School Admissions offer may remember, in the best of ways, that your family is thoughtful, appreciative and sensible.

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