Stay Focused for NYC Private School Admissions

by NYC Firm Schools on January 4, 2010

There are multiples steps towards the completion of admission into a NYC Private School. Interest, research and first contact are all incredibly important steps for parents and children alike. So many pieces go into an admissions application for schools that keeping track of them all is easiest with a spreadsheet and some solid management and organizational skills.

Tips for Later Admissions Process

  • If your child’s school has requested reference letters or referral letters, you are well versed with the frustration and worry that can come with accepting that someone else has a responsibility for your child’s future. Depending on someone to write a referral letter can be a lesson in giving and receiving trust. January is the perfect time to follow up with those people who have accepted the task of writing a reference letter for your child. Find out if they have finished and submitted the recommendation and remember to thank them both verbally and in writing for their assistance. If, by some chance, they have not completed the referral yet, take charge and offer to provide additional information or assistance to them. If you sense that the letter may end up being late, call the school to let them know that there may be a delay with a particular part of your child’s application.
  • Another task to complete in January is to check that your potential schools have all received copies of your child’s test scores and school transcripts, if necessary. If they have not received them, make a copy and send or fax the test results you have to the schools with a note stating you will call the testing bureau immediately. The testing bureau should be able to send the scores directly to the school.

Stay organized and stay focused during this time in the NYC Firm Schools admissions process.

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