The 4 Ps in Private School Tours

by NYC Firm Schools on January 24, 2010

A tour of your child’s potential NYC Firm Schools can give you the opportunity to stand apart from the rest of the application crowd, in every way possible. You can make a wonderful and lasting impression of your self and your family, or you can make a very bad and unfortunately lasting impression of your self and your family. It is easier to do both if the tour is small or private, but there is always a few in every crowd, too.

Private School Touring Tips: The 4 Ps

Putting the P in Private: Many schools will state the tour if for adults only and this explicitly means that your child, even the one applying, should not attend that specific tour. If a school does not state that the tour is adults only, than it can be assumed that your child(ren) are welcome. The common consensus is that most parents appreciate the time to get a good look at the school without the added distraction of someone else’s child.

Be Present, Be Polite, Be Positive! Focus on the tour, not on your blackberry or current state of your Mother-in-Law’s mind. Be gracious and kind to others on your tour. If you are on a Private Tour, be polite and do not bad mouth other parents, children or schools. You never know who may be friends with the very people that you don’t have anything nice to say about. In addition, never, ever make derogatory remarks about another school to anyone during the tour, not to a fellow parent or any school administrator.

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