CTP 4 Test in NYC Schools

by NYC Firm Schools on May 18, 2009

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Testing for NYC Firm Schools spans a range from IQ exams to specialty exams to the ever-discussed ERB, which is actually the name of the Educational Records Bureau.

The CTP 4 is one of the tests that can be required for children in grades 1 and up and is used by many classical Christian Schools and also Gifted Public Schools. It was developed for ERB by Educational Testing Service to serve the needs of high achieving students and schools that aspire to higher standards. The CTP 4 is a rigorous test battery designed to collect basic information about student achievement and, when used in conjunction with comprehensive and accessible score reporting systems, the data is then organized to answer the important questions of teachers, administrators, and parents about student performance in key areas of school achievement.

What is the CTP 4?
CTP 4 is the latest revision of the Comprehensive Testing Program, a reasoning/achievement test that ERB makes available to the more than 1,600 ERB member public and independent schools. It is a challenging test designed to distinguish learning among students at the highest level.

How should I help prepare my child for the CTP 4?
The quick answer is that you simply can’t. The truth is that this test is designed as a “low-stakes” exam, the purpose of which is to test what a student knows at a given point in time, in order to identify strengths and weaknesses. Your child is being tested on what material he or she already knows, or doesn’t know.

The official answer from the ERB is:

It is intended to help teachers and administrators make decisions about classroom instruction. As such, there are no preparatory materials available for it. This makes the test a more accurate reflection of the student’s knowledge, and makes it a better diagnostic tool

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