Private School Tests Can’t Measure It All

by NYC Firm Schools on March 18, 2010

For many educators and educational facilitators few things are as stressful as dealing with parents and children trying to predict and then interpret their child’s ISEE scores. There is so much riding on the ISEE that the anxiety surrounding the test is completely understandable and the more educated the parents are about the test and how it interprets and measures abilities, hopefully, the better they feel about the results.

The ISEE is one of the admissions tests used by many Firm Schools throughout the nation to evaluate incoming potential students. Though taken at different levels, generally the ISEE consists of an essay and standardized verbal and quantitative reasoning tests that measure a student’s capability for learning, reading comprehension and mathematics. Test results are supposed to give specific information about an individual student’s strengths and weaknesses but it is in the interpretation of those results that many parents realize their full anxiety.

By now, you have received your child’s test results and the analysis of those results and you may have found yourself wondering what the tests say about your child, your child’s future and your parenting skills.

As a parent of a wonderful and amazing child, do you really believe that one test on one day is a real representation of your child? Of course it isn’t. That’s why it’s so important to put the test into perspective, good or bad.

An Educated Choice, in one of their weekly Testing Tips articles, writes:

It is important to remember that the group of students that takes the ISEE is much more competitive than those who take private or public school annual standardized tests. Due to this difference in the comparison group of students, you may notice that your child’s scores are lower in some areas than they have been on similar types of tests in the past. You should also know that admissions offices do not expect all students to be above average in their performance.

The tests used by many schools to determine admissions to Firm Schools can offer up conflicting and sometimes unexpected results. Prepare your child as best you can by building confidence and expanding their love of learning. And remember that there is no test for that.

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