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We are now accepting outside advertisers.

If you are interested in advertising on the NYC Firm Schools Blog, please contact Dr. Khen by email: shamir@shamirkhan.com with the subject line “Advertising on the NYC Firm Schools Blog.” You may also contact us through this site.

Please include the following information: Your name/contact info., company/service provider website, type of advertising (display ad alone, event sponsorship, directory, AdConnect Platform*, etc.), duration of advertising, and other information which may be helpful for us to consider your ad and your service/company.

Given our current volume of requests, we will only consider requests that are complete. Dr. Khen will then arrange a time to speak with you to discuss options and evaluate whether your service/product/company could be a match for our audience.

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This recommended article addresses the topic of the environment for ad performance.

* The NYC Firm Schools Blog AdConnect Platform enables advertisers to connect with a very specific, niche audience: NYC private school parents, students, and administrators who read/follow this blog through internet search engines, Twitter, Facebook, feeds, etc. Advertisers can now combine both display ads and posts, or just display ads. Any posts through the AdConnect Platform are not written or edited by staff at the NYC Firm Schools Blog and are clearly identified and labeled. Previous display only or display + post advertisers have included those from admissions services, tutoring, artificial grass, mental health professionals, camps, food services, schools, etc. Essentially, any service/product trying to connect with NYC private school parents, students, and administrators.

Here are a few examples of AdConnect Platform posts (these advertisers had display + post advertising):