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Admissions Process

During the NYC preschool and kindergarten admissions process, when you speak to administrators about your child, you will inevitably be asked to describe him or her. You may be asked to provide an assessment of your child's strengths and weaknesses. You should be honest. Jenny Anderson of the NY Times asked three NYC private school [...]

Shopping around for the "right" private school for your child can be a chore, but it's a chore in which many parents take pride. And well they should, particularly if they have gone through the process in an informed manner. When you find the "right" private school for your child, you know it's a good [...]

NYC parents have a lot riding on their toddlers and preschoolers getting into the nursery school of choice. In some cases, a year of preschool can cost as much as college tuition (over $35,000), but that's only if you get in. Not all toddlers (or parents, for that matter) pass the interview process though. For [...]

Another year, another NYC Private School admissions cycle comes to an end. A reminder from the ISAAGNY website on the 2010-11 notification dates: Kindergarten/Grade 1: Mailed on Friday, February 11 On-Going Schools 3, 4 year olds only (optional): Mailed on Wednesday, February 16 2, 3, 4 year olds: Mailed on Tuesday, March 1 Grades 2-8: [...]

Filmmaker Douglas Morse presents a parent’s eye view of New York City Admissions, The Kindergarten Shuffle. The 90 minute docudrama follows parents as they search for the best school for their children. For parents of preschoolers, this is a can’t miss event! Post screening talkback with director and actors and Q&A about the admissions process. [...]

As previously posted, The Parents League of New York is hosting two fairs for parents interested in applying to either Boarding Schools or NYC Firm Schools (click here for list of participating schools). Immediately following each Fair, there will be a panel discussion (see below). Both fairs and panels are in NYC and are free [...]

The Parents League of New York is hosting two fairs for parents interested in applying to either Boarding Schools or NYC Firm Schools. Both fairs are in NYC and are free of charge for all families. The fairs allow parents to learn more about NYC Independent Day Schools and Boarding Schools. Each event is divided [...]

As reported in Jenny Anderson's NY Times article, The Calhoun School and the The Mandell School will drop the E.R.B. admissions requirement in Fall 2010. Not only do I highlight, but I celebrate the moral courage of these two Upper West Side schools and their leaders, Gabriella Rowe and Steve Nelson: “The reality is that [...]

Your chances of getting your child into a private kindergarten spot can be as low as 10%. According to the New York Observer an estimated 60-150 kids from private nursery schools didn't land a kindergarten spot at all. To avoid losing that important spot in getting your child into the kindergarten of your choice, do [...]

Paying for your child’s New York City Private School is a source of great apprehension for a number of families. Over and over it is stressed that the best private school for a student is the one that matches their personality, philosophy of learning, academic abilities and future goals. The right school is not, however, [...]

When NYC Private School parents discuss the trials and tribulations of the Firm Schools admissions process and the mystery that surrounds actual acceptance, denial or wait listing, it is often with the assumption that they are going through a unique process. The truth is that many Public School parents and students go through the same [...]

For any families that are still looking to apply to a NYC Private School for the 2010-11 academic year, your best bet now is a school with rolling admissions. We will be highlighting schools that are still accepting applications in the next few weeks. Our first highlighted school is The Speyer Legacy School. The school [...]

As a NYC Private School Parent, or a hopeful Private School Parent, the past couple of weeks have been a whirlwind of activity and anxiety. Not knowing if your child was accepted to a certain school, waiting for the mail to come in, tracking others’ acceptance letters through a network of parents in chat groups [...]

Many schools have unofficially closed out their waitlists, telling parents who call that the upcoming admissions are now complete and no more acceptances will be made. Other schools still have their waitlists open. There seems to have been less movement off the waitlists than there has been in previous years but there are still options [...]

Having options is a basic factor in our society and having and selecting between your NYC Private School options is important even down to the very last minute of your decision. If your child has received an acceptance from their Top Choice school then there probably isn’t too much of a decision left. If, however, [...]

The end of February is a time when the cyclical nature of NYC Private School Admissions gives this year’s applicants an answer to questions and applications that have been a family-wide focus for months. Many Firm Schools have contacted their applicants and either offered them a seat, declined to accept them, or offered a spot [...]

The tests used by many schools to determine admissions to Firm Schools can offer up conflicting and sometimes unexpected results. There are different tests for just about every age group and school type. There are tests for elementary, middle and high school Firm Schools, tests for Catholic Schools and Public School gifted and talented programs. [...]

Applying to High School is difficult enough, especially when you add in the act of interviewing. Interviewing is hard work, and interviewing for your spot at a NYC Private School can cause some very sleepless nights. Everyone will tell you not worry and to just be yourself, but the fact is that a little preparation [...]

A tour of your child’s potential NYC Firm Schools can give you the opportunity to stand apart from the rest of the application crowd, in every way possible. You can make a wonderful and lasting impression of your self and your family, or you can make a very bad and unfortunately lasting impression of your [...]

Legacy Discussions Continue

At a popular NYC spot, a group of parents had gathered for some good food, good drinks a little grown up time. Because all four sets of parents have young children, however, the topic eventually turned to NYC Firm Schools. Because two of the parents in the group had themselves graduated from NYC Firm Schools, [...]

NYC Private School admissions are competitive and aggressively thorough. Parents of very young children spend an enormous amount of time preparing admissions materials for the schools that they have painstakingly researched and chosen. Parents and older students have worked together to find the best school possible and prepared for interviews and admissions essays. All of [...]