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Admissions Tests

Kaplan Publishing is offering more than 130 FREE eBooks in a promotion that runs from January 4 -17th. Owners of the Nook, iPad, iPhone, iPod touch, Kindle, and Sony eReader can find select Kaplan titles absolutely free by visiting: www.FreeKaplaneBooks.com. Until January 17, 2011 high school students; college students; those wanting GRE, GMAT or SAT [...]

As reported in Jenny Anderson's NY Times article, The Calhoun School and the The Mandell School will drop the E.R.B. admissions requirement in Fall 2010. Not only do I highlight, but I celebrate the moral courage of these two Upper West Side schools and their leaders, Gabriella Rowe and Steve Nelson: “The reality is that [...]

For many educators and educational facilitators few things are as stressful as dealing with parents and children trying to predict and then interpret their child’s ISEE scores. There is so much riding on the ISEE that the anxiety surrounding the test is completely understandable and the more educated the parents are about the test and [...]

Problems with Admissions Tests

Admissions tests are difficult for students and families alike. The stress that builds for many older students during the pre-test phase is palatable and all of it culminates on testing day. That difficult situation was made worse in one Washington area recently when the tests were deemed faulty and the test takers were sent home [...]

For families who are applying to NYC Gifted and Talented Programs, the deadline to submit a Request for Testing (RFT) is this Friday, November 6, 2009. The NYC Department of Education (DOE) website has more information on the process, including handbooks and the practice OLSAT. OLSAT/BSRA testing at school sites for public school students will [...]

2009-2010 ISEE Student Guide

The ISEE test for upper grade NYC Private School Students is has different levels and applications for different grades. The ISEE is the Independent School Entrance Examination (ISEE) test that is used for admissions testing for most private middle schools, high schools, boarding schools and military schools. The test is the ERB's admissions test for [...]

For many students in private middle schools, eighth grade brings its share of difficulties. Making new friends, getting over the old friends growing up and out in all the awkward places, these are some of the issues that many eighth graders face. For those eighth graders planning on attending a Catholic High School, eighth grade [...]

We periodically highlight and focus on a different NYC Private School in order to give our readers a more in-depth feel for the cultural, academic and diverse atmospheres that each school provides. Today we are focusing on The Regis High School. The Regis High School, located in New York County, is a popular and competitive [...]

photo credit: jonmatthew photographyThe Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales, Fifth Edition (SB5), is an IQ test required for entry by The Hunter College Elementary School (HCES/ "Hunter") in Manhattan. Some parents who apply to NYC Firm Schools for kindergarten also apply to HCES, a terrific public school for intellectually talented kids that accepts 48 new kindergarten students [...]

photo credit: sergis blogMost discussions on testing requirements for NYC Schools generally revolve around admissions testing and requirements. There are other tests that students are asked to participate in, however, and for many reasons. The CTP 4 is one of the tests that can be required for children in grades 1 and up and is [...]

photo credit: allspice1Testing for NYC Firm Schools spans a range from IQ exams to specialty exams to the ever-discussed ERB, which is actually the name of the Educational Records Bureau. The CTP 4 is one of the tests that can be required for children in grades 1 and up and is used by many classical [...]

photo credit: lrargerichIt has been brewing for a few weeks now, but many NYC parents feel like a ‘perfect storm’ has finally hit, creating a wave of stress, anxiety, panic, and anger. Although New Yorkers are known for their resilience, the stress of these past few weeks has taken its toll on many parents and [...]

photo credit: spisharam - busy, on & offIf you are considering a NYC Private School for your young child next fall, (the 2010-2011 School Season) you will need to start planning for your child’s testing and application process now. The first steps for NYC Private School Applications Networking: For children applying for private school spots [...]

Bravo just announced the premiere of a new reality series, NYC Prep, which focuses on a group of six affluent teenagers in Manhattan. Five of the students attend NYC Firm Schools and one attends a magnet public school. The announcement was made by Frances Berwick, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Bravo Media. The series [...]

photo credit: Wonderlane That teachers and educational leaders make a difference in NYC schools is not arguable. It is fact. Great teachers make great differences in children’s lives and create a lasting impact. Deciding what or who makes a great teacher, however, not something so simply stated. The Cleveland.com blog recently wrote about some of [...]

photo credit: Andres Rueda Private School tuition payments are not a cost that comes out of the blue. It is a cost associated with a long-thought-out plan and course of action that your family and your child has worked diligently towards. The uniqueness in this current tuition environment, however, means that many parents and families [...]

photo credit: paulo.barcellos If your child has received acceptance letters to more than one NYC private school, you will then have to make the family decision of which school to send your child to. If your child is older, then he or she will obviously be more involved in the final choice, but for parents [...]

photo credit: cole24_ There is a catch phrase in many NYC Private School forms to discuss children who are very intelligent vs. children who are considered “gifted.” The catch phrase often comes across in a way such as, “Is your child truly gifted, or New York smart?” All joking aside, the “New York Smart” phrase [...]

NYC Firm Schools focusing on the Roman Catholic teachings require specific admissions tests, including the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS. Admission to the Catholic high schools in the Diocese of Brooklyn/Queens or the Archdiocese of New York in 2009-2010 is determined in part by the results of the TACHS [...]

NYC Firm Schools focusing on the Roman Catholic teachings require specific admissions tests, including the Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, also known as TACHS. The Test for Admission into Catholic High Schools, or TACHS, tests students abilities in many different areas, including the standard Reading, Mathematics, Language, but also including an entire section [...]

There are many different steps in the New York private school application process, and some specific types of Firm Schools have their own testing requirements. The Catholic Firm Schools in NYC, for example, require up to three of the standard admissions tests for incoming students currently at the 8th grade level. There are three common [...]