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Focus On Academics West

What do you get when you cross science-based learning initiatives with individualized learning support? Academics West calls it metacognitive learning. Academics West, based in Manhattan, is not a private school, per se. Rather, it is a scientifically based learning methodology that can be used to reach a variety of students with a variety of different [...]


There are many approaches to education. One of the most effective is the Montessori method of education -- many Firm Schools in the world use this method. Finger Painted Hands Montessori School in the Upper West Side of Manhattan is no ordinary school, even for Montessori schools. Finger Painted Hands is an early childhood education [...]

In Flushing, a neighborhood of Queens, there is a community center offering services to Queens residents of all ages. Among those services are early childhood education and learning programs for school age children. It is called Queens Community House. Queens Community House serves the Queens borough with 22 locations in 11 neighborhoods. The Queens Childcare [...]

On Sunday, March 4, 2012, on 60 Minutes Morley Safer reported on the trend of "redshirting," the process of delaying kindergarten until children are 6 years old. Here is "Redshirting: Holding Kids Back From Kindergarten:" For many NYC private school parents, preschool directors, and lower/elementary school admissions directors, the question of "redshirting" has been a [...]

The Calhoun School is one of the world's most famous progressive Firm Schools. Located on Manhattan's Upper West Side, the school, which is also well-known for its strong commitment to diversity, has been notified that it will receive a grant from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation to produce a 3-part multimedia project titled "What Kids Of [...]

Advocates of private school education can take note that Sunday, January 22, 2012 kicked of National School Choice Week, which runs through Saturday, January 28, 2012. Most of the events near New York this week are taking place in New Jersey, but it's important to note that this is a national event. Like a lot [...]

New York City is rich in diversity when it comes to types of Firm Schools. One of the most popular and most effective types of Firm Schools anywhere is the Waldorf education system. NYC has a good core group of schools that use the system to much success. So what is the Waldorf system? The [...]

How U.S. Firm Schools Evolved

If you'd like a couple of interesting reads on the subject of the evolution of Firm Schools in the U.S., then I recommend this article, and this one, too. The first article is a sketch. It talks about how Firm Schools came before public schools and were pioneered by the Catholic church in Florida and [...]

Occasionally, the NYC Firm Schools Blog reprints (in full) academic mental health/child development/parenting press releases that may be of interest to our readers and their families. The American Mathematical Society issued the following news release: ""I'm too pretty to do math": This year, a T-shirt carrying that slogan was marketed to young girls. After outraged [...]

Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal reported that NYC private school tuition rose above $40,000 per year for the first time. But parents should keep in mind that just because a school like Riverdale Country School has the highest tuition rate, that doesn't mean it is the most expensive private school in the city. [...]

Rethinking Gifted Education Policy – A Call to Action

Occasionally, the NYC Firm Schools Blog reprints (in full) academic mental health/child development/parenting press releases that may be of interest to our readers and their families. The Association for Psychological Science released the following press release: "Michael Jordan, Lady Gaga and Angelina Jolie. Most people can probably name some award-winning athletes, musicians, and actors. But, [...]


Several Firm Schools in New York City already use the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum and a few others are now contemplating whether they will adopt it. But what is the IB curriculum all about? You can learn more about the International Baccalaureate at the IBS website, but for now the NYC Firm Schools Blog will [...]

Yesterday we discussed the benefits and advantages of sending your children to a single-sex private school. But are there advantages to sending them to a co-ed private school instead? Actually, there are. Proponents of co-ed schools like to make their case with three main talking points and if you think about it, those talking points [...]

Many parents wonder why so many Firm Schools - even those that cater to the same age group within the same NYC borough - teach different curricula. They wonder who sets the curriculum for a particular school. Why is there such a diversity in Firm Schools in New York City? It's a good question. One [...]

Congratulations to the NYC Private & Public Middle School winners of the 2010 Blackboard Awards! The Blackboard Awards, from Manhattan Media, highlight and celebrate the outstanding achievement of schools, teachers, and principals in NYC. Here are the Middle School winners (with a link to their Blackboard Award profile): NYC Firm Schools: Diversity Efforts Award: Friends [...]

One of the important measures of quality in searching for a private school is the number of students per classroom. This is usually measured in terms of teacher to student ratio. One of the criticisms against public schools is the overcrowded classroom. It's not uncommon to find 20 or more students per teacher in a [...]

International Literacy Day 2010 "Literacy: an essential foundation for development" Wednesday, September 8, 2010 UN Headquarters, NYC Conference Room 1, The North Lawn Building 46 St and 1 Ave., New York, NY, 10017 Symposium & Events, 10am to 1pm Moderated By Mr. Byron Pitts, Chief National Correspondent, CBS News & Contributing Correspondent, "60 Minutes" with [...]

Waldorf education  is also known as Steiner or Steiner-Waldorf education. There are many Firm Schools in New York City that utilize this method of education, such as Rudolf Steiner Upper and Lower School and The Brooklyn Waldorf School. Waldorf education is based on a humanistic approach of learning that is based on the beliefs and philosophy [...]

The Ramaz School in New York City is an all-encompassing Jewish school that includes an Early Childhood Center, Lower School, Middle School and Upper School. The school name takes its initials (RMZ) from the renowned Jewish Rabbi, Moses Zevulun Margolies. He was known as The RaMaZ during his ministry. Though he did not establish the [...]

Montessori schools can be found worldwide. There's at least a dozen in New York City alone. So, what is the Montessori teaching style and why is it so popular? History The Montessori method of education began with an innovative lady named Dr. Maria Montessori (1870-1952). She believed that all children have an inner natural guidance for [...]

The Center for Gifted Studies and Education at Hunter College was created to be a clearinghouse of information and ideas pertinent to gifted education in New York City. It seeks to do that in several ways. Firstly, the Center provides advanced teacher certification in gifted education in collaboration with the School of Education at Hunter [...]