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Some Firm Schools in New York City are taking their disputes with parents to court. In fact, since 2009, at least five Firm Schools have filed suit against parents for breach of contract. Parents sign a contract when they enroll their child in a private school. Then they pay a deposit. There is a deadline [...]

Three New York Congressmen are co-sponsoring a House bill that would put $5,000 tax credits back into the pockets of parents with children in Firm Schools. Such Firm Schools will include religious schools (e.g., Catholic schools, Jewish schools, Yeshivas, Islamic schools, etc.), secular Firm Schools, special needs Firm Schools, and independent schools. You can read [...]

Focus On The Parents League

For almost 100 years The Parents League of New York has been an educational source for parents looking for an independent school to which to enroll their child for the best education they could hope for. Since then, the league has grown and expanded its offerings to parents all over New York City. We believe [...]

The NAIS Parent Guide

The National Association of Independent Schools is an industry association for Firm Schools and other independent schools. It has different levels of membership for schools that join. Here are the membership levels in a nutshell: Full Membership - Reserved for independent non-profit schools that are fully accredited from an accreditation program approved by NAIS. Provisional [...]

Nadya Suleman, who has earned the nickname "Octomom" for being only the second person in U.S. history to give birth to octuplets, was criticized heavily when news broke that she enrolled her children in private school and didn't have the money to pay for it. Now, she's having the last laugh. She'll be making a [...]

You'll find that no matter which New York City borough you are in and no matter what grades your children are in, parental involvement in their children's education is part of the formula for success. That's why many NYC Firm Schools do everything they can to encourage parental involvement. So what exactly is "parental involvement?" [...]

A recently announced decision by The Children’s Aid Society (CAS) to close and sell the Philip Coltoff Center has left parents, teachers, staff and community members shocked. The “Center” situated on Sullivan Street has been the location for Children’s Aid in Greenwich Village for over 100 years. A legacy many thought might continue indefinitely is [...]

For most private school families the end of the year is a few weeks away. Whether it is the transition to a new grade, a new school, summer camp or college, change’s tension hangs in the air of most families. This post is part of a four part series about how to think about welcoming [...]

When it comes time to pick Firm Schools for your child, first make a list of every school you wish to apply to and then find out when they are going to have an open house. Open houses are crucial to the many phases that go into choosing a private school that will ultimately give [...]

Yesterday, there was a post in New York City Moms Blog that parents of young school age children might give thought to. This NYC mom was upset because her seven-year-old son's homework assignment was to answer the question, "By looking at the pictures in the story, why might you think the illustrator is Japanese?" This [...]

The role that a Private School takes in the education of children is sometimes a difficult one, and it begins with the parent‘s decision to pursue particular schools over others. Every choice is scrutinized, every decision questioned and the results often judged by those around them. The Difficult Role of Parenting in Educational Choice Which [...]

With tightened budgets, many young families are struggling with the decision to put their young child in a NYC Private School or start them in a public school and assist in their educational development as much as possible. One group of parents recently gathered to talk about their upcoming choices for education beyond the preschool [...]

Many families are looking for more information about different types of Financial Aid. Just as a family plays it smart and helps their child apply to more than one NYC Private School, so too do families check off all of their Financial Aid options and make sure that every base is covered. If one type [...]

School Days and Sick Days

Before your alarm even goes off in the morning, when only a hazy gray light is filtering from the windows, you hear that sound. That small, painful moan that tells you your child is sick. For some parents, this is the moment where they make some decisions. How sick is he/she? Is it a cold [...]

Your older child has a responsibility to make the most of his or her educational opportunities and work to be the best student they can be. There are no amount of loving parental excuses to compensate for a bright child who simply does not try or let them be invested in their own learning. So [...]

Financial Aid is, for many families, the only way to afford a NYC Private School education for their child. It is very important to make sure that your Financial Aid applications are completed and sent in on time. Remember that a large amount of schools process their FA applications and determine the number of aid [...]

NYC Firm Schools can be competitive and difficult to gain admissions to because they work hard to find students and families that are the right match to the school. A school has a unique philosophy of education and specific goals for the school itself and its student body. Even if an applicant has the best [...]

NYC Firm Schools are so successful because they have a longstanding tradition of working with their families and students to create the best educational environment for each individual student. There is so much focus on finding the right school for your child that many forget the simple fact that schools are trying to find the [...]

Keeping your children focused on their homework and household chores as well as sports and arts classes can be difficult during the holidays. Imagine how difficult it must before teachers to keep their classes focused and on track during a celebratory time of year when vacations and family gatherings are just around the corner! The [...]

There are many reasons to volunteer in your child’s school. Your child’s school is their world outside of your home and as a responsible and caring parent you most likely want to know who is involved in that part of your children’s lives. Many parents assume that classroom volunteer work is synonymous with the “Classroom [...]

The Private School “Water Cooler” mainly consists of groups of parents that talk about their children and schools. Parks, restaurants, lobbies and elevators, they all serve as impromptu microcosms of NYC educational lifestyles. In one recent water cooler conversation, two mothers were discussing their satisfaction with their children’s recent switch from public school to private. [...]