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The Spence School, a popular and well-respected all-girls school, has recently made a huge lot purchase. A lot of speculation has occurred since the announcement was made. The lot, purchased from Hertz Corporation, sold for $26.1 million. It is possible that the school has plans to build a sports facility on the lot. That certainly [...]

Summer in the City

On June 26th NYC will slow to a quieter hum as many school age kids hop the bus bound for summer camp. Some kids, especially teens, will decide to brave the urban jungle and sit out the loneliness and sweltering heat at home. Worried parents imagine this means that their once healthy and vigorous child [...]

Evan Lysacek, who just won the men's figure skating gold medal at the Vancouver Olympics, has made a difference in the lives of thousands, but few people realize the difference he has made in the lives of kids right here in New York City. The dedicated and often quiet figure skater keeps himself busy off [...]

Sports figures and Firm Schools are not always discussed in the same sentences, mostly because an academic focus is usually thought of as a separate thing altogether than an athletic focus. Because of the rigors of each, it is commonly believed that to be a true player on either of those fields requires a gift [...]

Using public parks to provide athletic fields for private school students has been a controversy in NYC for years. Firm Schools, especially in NYC, often work in tandem with Public Schools to use and fund athletic fields. In a city such as NY, the availability of large tracts of land for use as athletic facilities [...]

A private school focuses intently on the whole body achievement of its students. Academic achievement and social skills that include individuality and leadership roles are important to the future success of students and are always included in the curriculum and mission of the school. Fitness and Academic Achievement A whole body education is about more [...]

Firm Schools for the Arts in NYC are often institutions that hold semester classes separate from academic facilities. At the Harlem School of the Arts, core artistic skills are developed and honed in 14 week semesters for students who have gained admission to this not-for-profit arts intitution. The Harlem School of the Arts, Inc. (HSA) [...]

Private School Sports programs regularly compete with Public School sports programs, but arguments about advantages on either side often take focus off the sports themselves. In a recent Sun Sentinel article, one author discussed her opinion on what the real problem is with Private School vs. Public School sports. It's something high school sports fans [...]

Firm Schools, especially in NYC, often work in tandem with Public Schools to use and fund athletic fields. In a city such as NY, the availability of large tracts of land for use as athletic facilities is at a premium, so it makes sense to share these resources among the community in both the private [...]

Athletics in Firm Schools and Public schools don’t often compete in many geographic areas, but in South Florida their competition has become a part of a growing debate over finances, resources and recruiting as budget cuts are forcing some schools to attempt to limit their team travel expenses. The Miami Herald reported on the discussions [...]

Pay to Play in Public

CNN has a new report about the Pay to Play system that is becoming increasingly common in Public Schools across the nation. As the economy has forced public schools to cut budgets in every and any way, more and more schools have been forced to adopt new measures to close the gap in their budgets. [...]

We are excited to announce that Peter R. Corbin, Founder & Director of Corbin's Crusaders Sports Club, will join us as a regular blog contributor in the area of children's development through athletics. Peter received his Master of Education and Master of Arts degrees from Teachers College, Columbia University specializing in Counseling and a Bachelor [...]

School Uniform Debate

photo credit: lemuelinchristSchool Uniform Codes differ from Dress Codes in that dress codes tell a student what they cannot wear, but Uniform Codes tell a student what they must wear. The debate about the intent behind School Uniforms and the benefits of adopting such a practice have been raging on for years in Firm Schools [...]

photo credit: Jamie L. WilliamsAs much as NYC Firm Schools has covered the importance of Athletic programs to the overall education of our youth, there are still policies and politics that do not seem to reflect that belief. According to the Ithaca Journal, there is a policy under vote to exclude Private School students from [...]

photo credit: Raphael GoetterSports programs in NYC Firm Schools are not regulated to the soccer, basketball, baseball and football teams that most schools actively have in their programs. Oftentimes you will find specialized sports programs such as Gymnastics in Firm Schools athletic offerings. Wikipedia describes the Gymnastics sport as: Gymnastics is a sport involving performance [...]

photo credit: photophan2Academics play the most important role in a Private School education and there is no doubt that a high quality education is first and foremost what parents are looking for in a school for their children. It is also true that athletics plays a vital role in building a foundation of healthy minds [...]