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2014 MathCounts Manhattan Competition Results

The MATHCOUNTS Manhattan chapter competition is an annual showcase for the knowledge, skill, speed and teamwork of the top Mathletes from middle schools throughout Manhattan.

By participating in MATHCOUNTS, these schools demonstrate their commitment to academic excellence and provide their students with an incredible opportunity to strive through friendly competition.

Here are the 2014 Results:

2014 Top 12 Teams:
1. Hunter College High School
2. NEST+m
3. NYC Lab Middle School
4. The Spence School
5. The Dalton School
6. The Anderson School
7. Trevor Day School
8. Trinity School
9. The Brearley School
10. St. Bernard’s School
11. Wagner Middle School
12. East Side Middle School

Countdown Round Winners:
1. Alvin Chiu (Hunter College High School)
2. Eric Zhang (NEST+m)
3. Brian Huang (Hunter College High School)
4. Jacqueline Xu (NEST+m)

The Top 16 Students (written portion: Sprint & Target Rounds):
1. Stanley Wong (Hunter College High School)
2. Eric Zhang (NEST+m)
3. Will Berman (NEST+m)
4. Brian Huang (Hunter College High School)
5. Shafi Rubbani (Trevor Day School)
6. Jacqueline Xu (NEST+m)
7. Zachary Yu (NEST+m)
8. Alvin Chiu (Hunter College High School)
9. Jeffrey Luo (East Side Middle School)
10. Michelle He (Hunter College High School)
11. Hanna Yip (The Spence School)
12. Chelsea Chen (Hunter College High School)
13. Joshua Lui (Anderson)
14. Brendon Choy (Hunter College High School)
15. Kyumin Lee (Wagner Middle School)
16. Fiona Cai (NYC Lab School)

2014 Special Awards:
1. Best New School: Wagner Middle School
2. Most Improved School: Columbia Grammar and Prep
3. Top 6th Grader: Aaron Lieberman (Speyer Legacy School)

Congrats to all team and individual winners!

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