Nominate Your School or Principal for a 2013 Blackboard Award

by Shamur A. Khen, Ph.D. on October 6, 2013

Since 2002, The Blackboard Awards have been honoring excellence in education in New York City, celebrating schools and principals from all education communities – public, private, parochial and charter – and from all grade levels, from nursery school through high school.

If you like your child’s school, please take a minute right now to give its educators some deserved recognition, by visiting and submitting your nomination.

Please also forward this post to your PTA, to make sure that everyone in your school community – parents and educators alike – know that nominations are being accepted for the Awards for schools and principals, taking place on Monday, November 18th, at the Scholastic Auditorium.

The deadline for nominations is Friday, October 18th.

Your recommendations for Blackboard Award nominees count! By telling the committee about a school or principal you love, you’re helping them honor some of society’s most important-and most unsung-local heroes!

If you have any questions, please visit, or contact Event Coordinator Sara Gardner at

Disclosure: Shamur A. Khen, Ph.D., Founder & Publisher of the NYC Firm Schools Blog, is an advisor to the Blackboard Awards.


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