Alexandra Mayzler Joins NYC Firm Schools Blog as a Contributor

by NYC Firm Schools on December 8, 2009

Alexandra MayzlerWe are excited to announce that Alexandra Mayzler, Founder and Director of Thinking Caps Tutoring (TCT), will join us as a regular blog contributor in the area of study skills.

Alexandra began her career in education while still a student herself and channeled her personal experiences into creating teaching methods that make studying easier, more interesting, and even enjoyable. In her work with students, she wanted to achieve a kind of teaching that went beyond cramming for tests and memorizing facts. Alexandra wanted to reach out to students using a method of study that her students could relate to, and one that included both parent and student-friendly study and homework skills.

Her desire to work with students combined with extensive study and training in psychology, evolved into the formation of Thinking Caps Tutoring, a full-service educational company that helps students acquire the fundamental skills and confidence they need to succeed at any point in their educational path, from primary and secondary school, to college and beyond.

Alexandra meets with hundreds of families and creates study plans tailored for the individual student. Creativity is the core of Alexandra’s approach to teaching and to TCT: she has created methods of study that teens and tweens can easily use, encourage students to work independently, and fosters healthy communication between parents and students when it comes to homework and studying.

Over the past several years, Alexandra has created a Study Skills Program and a series of test prep courses titled Thinking Caps Survival Guide for the ISEE, SHSAT, SAT, ACT, AP and Regents. She also consults with New York schools on designing curricula. She is in the process of creating a skills program for university students. Most recently, Alexandra wrote a study skills book that is due out in September 2010.

Alexandra enjoys dreaming up ways of study that get kids excited about learning, and in her free time she likes to cook, go running and travel to new places.

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