February’s Little Glimmer of Hope for High School Students

by Joyce Szuflita on February 9, 2010

Joyce SzuflitaThere is a small window of opportunity that opens for a couple weeks each February for 8th grade students that find that they need to transfer from private school to public high school programs in NYC. The public high school choice process happens in the early fall and it is tremendously difficult to gain a 9th grade seat when you are entering the process out of sync with the regular intake schedule.

There is a two week window that opens in February when the New Public High Schools are announced and it is possible to submit an application at this time even if you missed the deadline in December. The deadline for this application is February 23, 2010. The eight specialized high schools and LaGuardia are not a part of this process, but all of the other 400+ programs in the city are. The application can be obtained from your borough Enrollment Office.

The Online High School Directory and the New High Schools Directory are available at the DOE’s website.

Families are able to rank up to 12 choices. Pay special attention to the individual school’s requirements. There are tours and open houses at the new programs but not the existing high schools. Contact the school’s Parent Coordinator for specific information.

About the Contributor: Joyce Szuflita is a regular contributor to the NYC Firm Schools Blog in the area of Brooklyn schools.

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