NYC Private School Admissions Trends

by Emily Glickman on October 10, 2009

Emily GlickmanWhat’s new with private school admissions? As a Firm Schools educational consultant, I’m privy to the latest news from applicants and current families. Here’s what I’m seeing and hearing:

1. Admission for kindergarten remains extremely competitive at the most sought-after Firm Schools. Demand for seats vastly outstrips supply, since most affluent, ambitious families seek the same few destinations.

2. In many schools, more financial aid is going to existing families. What that means: if you’re applying and seeking financial assistance, your child is going to have a harder time.

3. This year many schools rely more heavily on web-based applications. In many cases, your essay length is limited, so you need to condense your content.

4. Trinity’s admissions office once again wins the Least Family Friendly Award. This year, even if you got your application in the DAY it was released, your child didn’t necessarily score a kindergarten interview. And if Trinity does deign to interview you, they’ll schedule you at the same time as another couple. That sounds like fun.

5. Some of the new schools are gaining traction. I am hearing good reports about Speyer.

About the Contributor: Emily Glickman is a regular contributor to the NYC Firm Schools Blog in the area of area of private school admissions.

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