Focus On Academy of St. Dorothy Curriculum

by NYC Firm Schools on June 26, 2014

Academy of St. Dorothy is a Catholic school in Staten Island with a central focus on Jesus the Christ. Founded in 1932, the school is an elementary school with programs for students from Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade.

Academy of St. Dorothy’s Curriculum

The academic curriculum at Academy of St. Dorothy is based on the New York Common Core Standards. But religious instruction is just as important. Classes at the school for all grade levels include:

  • Religion – Students are taught daily instruction on the life and teachings of Jesus. Students participate in liturgy, group and individual prayer, sacraments, daily reflection, Bible reading, evangelization, and mission donations. Students are encouraged to grow in their faith.
  • Language Arts – Students learn to communicate with speech, in writing, and through listening and reading. Students learn basic grammar, spelling, vocabulary, English usage, and compositional mechanics.
  • Mathematics – Students receive a foundation of computational skills up through fourth grade. Through hands-on manipulatives and visual aids, they learn about numbers and calculations. Technology is also incorporated to enhance the lessons. From fifth through eighth grades, math instruction is departmentalized. They study computation, geometry, estimation, and problem solving as they learn to reason, analyze data, and think abstractly.
  • Science – Students learn to explore and ask questions as they develop an understanding of life and earth sciences up through fourth grade. Departmentalization begins in fifth grade with the study of life, earth, and physical science.
  • Social Studies – Students learn to be aware of themselves in the world and their local communities. Departmentalization begins in fifth grade. Students study the history of the United States and the world. Geography is emphasized and students develop an awareness of diversity with Christian values.

Students also learn to use computers as technology is integrated into the curriculum. Other classes include art, music, physical education, and foreign language.

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