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Focus On All Hallows High School English

All Hallows High school is a Catholic high school for boys in the Bronx. The school offers a private school education with a strong Catholic values-centered commitment. The school offers a curriculum for boys from eighth grade through twelfth.

It was founded in 1909 by the Congregation of Christian Brothers.

English at All Hallows High School

Students at All Hallows High School are expected to commit themselves to maturity and growth. Boys take a strong well-rounded curriculum that includes a heavy academic emphasis on English and learning to write.

The English curriculum consists of a rigorous and challenging course load that gives students plenty of opportunities in writing fiction and expository texts.

Students learn to appreciate literature, both classic and modern. They develop a love for language as the faculty empowers and enriches their lives with instruction on the English language. Throughout their high school experience, students will:

  • Write fiction and nonfiction
  • Familiarize themselves with contemporary and noncontemporary writers
  • Analyze poetry for form and meaning
  • Learn to defend their ideas logically
  • Challenge themselves to write clearly
  • Apply writing skills to different types of writing
  • Demonstrate the skills necessary to pass required state exams

As boys develop their critical and logical thinking skills, they will become better prepared for college academics and entering adulthood.

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