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Focus On Ecole International de New York Math

Ecole International de New York is one of the most unique schools in New York City. Located in Manhattan, it has a lower division and a middle school division for instructing children from age three through seventh grade.

The school is a bilingual international school that offers instruction in both French and English. The entire curriculum is delivered in French, about 60%-65% of it. The rest is in English.

Ecole International de New York also offers students Mandarin as a foreign language option.

The Curriculum at Ecole International de New York

Students learn to think in two languages. The training is not just language training but involves cultural immersion. Even math and science are taught in both French and English.

At the lower level, students get a English as a Second Language or French as a Second Language course as needed. Students also receive instruction specialty classes, which include information technology, art, drama and music, and physical education. All academic enrichment classes are taught by resource specialists.

At the upper level, middle school, students are issued an iPad. The education is a rigorous bilingual academic education that prepares students for high school, college, and life.

Math at Ecole International de New York

The school’s website does not offer much information on mathematics at the lower level. However, from the earliest grades, students are prepared for middle school math by taking age-appropriate instruction in both French and English.

At the middle school, students in sixth grade get a Common Core introduction to relevant mathematical concepts. Math is very closely tied to science and technology.

Students learn to speak in a mathematical language. They also learn how to interpret natural phenomena and data. Students develop their reasoning ability, analyze factual information, and solve problems while interpreting mathematical formulas.

Ecole International de New York teaches students to look for what is true by examining what they know through the pleasure of mathematical discovery.

As a result of the rigorous math training they receive at Ecole International de New York, students learn to use their imagination, conduct research, and solve complex problems through logic.

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